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Friends of the Citadelle

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Finding Inspiration in History

The following supporters are helping with the renovation of this historical and important 15th Century château.

Before we came along, the château had been empty for nearly 40 years. Without the help of the following friends, the work to save and restore this crumbling building would not be possible. 

Meet The Team


Agnes Gosling Patreon Profile.png

Agnes Gosling

Carrie Taylor Patreon Profile.png

Carrie Taylor

Catherine Davis Patreon Profile_edited.j

Catherine Davis

Charlotte Roushas-Lee_edited.jpg

Charlotte Roushas-Lee

Christa Hornberger Patreon Profile.jpeg

Christa Hornberger

Debora Carpenter Patreon Profile Pic.jpg

Debora Carpenter

Jane Blandford Patreon Profile.jpeg

Jane Blandford

Janet Taylor Patreon Profile.jpg

Janet Taylor

Karen DeCremer Patreon Profile.jpeg

Karen DeCremer

Kathy Eyesopen Patreon Profile.jpg

Kathy Eyes Open

Lisa Rupert Harner Patreon Profile.png

Lisa Rupert Harner

MGH aka SouthernBoy Cookin Patreon profile.png

MGH aka
SouthernBoy Cookin


Monique Joncas Patreon Profile.jpeg
Paul Jaques Patreon Profile.jpg

Paul Jaques

Monique Joncas

Paul Zellmer Patreon Profile.jpg

Paul Zellmer

Rebecca Rodrigue Patreon Profile.png

Rebecca Rodrigue

Regis Finitzer Patreon Profile.jpg

Regis Finitzer

Roz Barber patreon Profile Pic.jpeg

Roz Barber

Sharon Serpa-Dillon YouTube profile.jpg

Sharon Serpa-Dillon

Susanne Johnson Patreon Profile.jpeg

Susanne Johnson

Wolfgang Zenker Patreon Image.png

Wolfgang Zenker

Zoe Cooper Patreon Profile.png

Zoe Cooper


Deanna Clark YouTube profile image.jpeg

Deanna Clark

Doug and Kathleen Garrity Patreon Profile.png

Doug & Kathleen Garrity

Earl Bowers Patreon Profile.png

Earl Bowers

Granny Bauer YouTube profile.jpeg

Granny Bauer

Jan Latham Patreon profile.png

Jan and Chris Latham


Jane Gendreau Patreon Profile.png

Jane Gendreau

J in circle.jpg


Linda Lea Patreon Profile.png

Linda Lea

Nancy Kendrick Patreon Profile.jpeg

Nancy Kendrick

Natash MJ Spira Publications.jpeg

Natasha MJ Spira Publications

Paula Patreon Image.png



Brian and Kathy Utting Patron Profile.png

Brian & Kathy Utting

Tracie Constantini YouTube Profile_edite

Cheryl Argenziano

E in circle.jpg

Elizabeth Young Sanford

Joyce Muir Danko Patreon Profile 2.jpeg

Joyce Muir Danko

Mary Piper Patreon Image.png

Mary Piper

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